Frequently Asked Questions

You must have lots of questions! Some of them are asked and answered here, but if you can't find what you are looking for please use the Contact link above to get in touch!

I have never been in a studio before. Am I good enough?

YES, OF COURSE YOU ARE! Everyone is welcome at the studio and everyone gets the same treatment whether they are a beginner or whether they are releasing their 100th album. We will explain things as we go along so you are never left wondering what's going on, or feel left out. Come in and see us, you'll be grand!

Do you record my style of music?

Yes. We record and work with all styles of music. We have our favourites but we work with any style of music, all abilities, all instruments (as long as you can get them through the door - even then we do mibile recording as well so we can handle that too!).

Can you record our school?

Yes. We have a mobile recording setup and can record your school choir / band / event wherever you need us.

If I'm there all day is there somewhere to sit for a break?

We have a full set of facilities (including disabled access) and a kitchen and lounge. We want you to be comfortable at the studio. (More facilities such as TV etc coming soon!)

How do I book the studio?

Get in touch via the email or phone above. We can discuss the details, arrange for you to visit and see the studio for yourself. Once you're happy, we arrange a suitable time to begin the project. We have a standard studio agreement that covers the legalities, but this is to protect both of us and make all parties aware of the legal aspects of music copyright.

Can my friends / family come with me?

Yes, of course, but remember that the studio is a place to work and its a very expensive place to hang out! It can be quite boring for anyone who is not actually working on the music. Note also, that you will be responsible for their behaviour and any complaints received or damage they do.

I can only play guitar but I want more on my song. Can you help me find musicians?

Yes, of course. At the studio we can provide bass, drums, guitar and piano as part of the song building process but we also have a full range of musicians who can play on your song - from Sharon Carroll (Harpist) to piano, saxophone, pedal steel, banjo and guitarists! (Harpists to guitarists! That rhymes!) These musicians' fees are not part of the studio fees.

Why can't I have my video on the day?

We use several HD cameras to record what's happening in the studio during the party or popstar experience and we need time to go through these and edit the best version together. This takes time and while we work as fast as we can it physically takes a long time to edit the video together. We will try to get the video to you within a week of the party. However if we're very busy it may take a few days longer!