• Something's missing...You!

    We have top quality equipment, friendly & experienced musicians, comfortable environment! All that's missing is YOU! Tom can help make your dreams come true!

    We have the expertise, you bring your dreams
  • Could this be You?

    You are welcome at the studio if you are an experienced performer or an absolute beginner! You'll get the same professional service, comfortable atmosphere and fun experience whether you're recording your first song or your five-hundredth!

    Mobile recording studio based in Newry, Northern Ireland
  • You can fill in the blank...

    You know you've got talent but you need help filling in the blanks... That's where Tom comes in... We can do things like help you write your songs, design your artwork, make your music video and set up your web site! All this and more!

    All musicians and singer welcome to the recording studio in Newry
  • Come in and look around!

    We're on facebook, twitter, google plus, YouTube, vimeo, soundcloud, instagram and linkedin! We're in the Musician's Union and a member of the Music Producer's Guild. We're proud of our work and we welcome you getting in touch or arranging a time to visit us!