• tommakesmusic helping RJ to write and record his album.
  • The album will feature twelve tracks including Sailing to the Manx.
  • RJ and tommakesmusic wrote and recorded RJ's first CD together.

Project Details

RJ Woolsey got through to the X Factor's finals and was praised by all the judges including Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Sheryl Cole. He is recording his second album with tommakesmusic, after building up a great working relationship during the recording of RJ's debut CD, "Fast Freedom".

Featuring twelve tracks, RJ's second CD will showcase a darker and more mature side to RJ's creativity and with recording coming to an end, it is provisionally called "Wasted Heartlands". The cd will be on iTunes and Amazon and benefits from tommakesmusic's songwriting, engineering and production skills, with RJ and tommakesmusic further collaborating on videos to support the album's upcoming release.

Engineered and Produced by tommakesmusic. All instruments by tommakesmusic. Songs by tommakesmusic & RJ Woolsey. Check out the sample video below (also created by tommakesmusic)

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