• tommakesmusic worked with a local drama school and choir to create the music for the film HOME
  • tommakesmusic worked with a MojoKelt's Paul McKernan to create the music for the film HOME
  • tommakesmusic recording bodhran for the HOME film project
  • Sharon Carroll Wedding Harpist and her Sonas Harp Ensemble being filmed for the HOME film project
  • Some of the instruments recorded for the HOME film project

Project Details

Created for the recent European "Small Size, Big Festival" organised by Sticky Fingers in Newry, the video "Home" was created to showcase the arts in Newry and Mourne. tommakesmusic recorded the song "A Little Taste of Heaven" and the instrumental "High Church Reel" for the video.

The short promotional film celebrates the arts for children in Newry and Mourne. The film takes a look at the past and the present of the local art scene representing various children's activities throughout Newry. It features over 250 young people of Newry.

The music was recorded on location as well at the tommakesmusic studio. The film was directed by Rozlyn Sheridan-Byrne, shot and edited by Declan Brady and the song was written by Kathy Colgan. The "High Church Reel" was written by Paul McKernan.

Take a few minutes to watch the film on YouTube!

Paul McKernan - Whistles, "High Church Reel"
Sheridan Stage School Choir - Vocals
Alanna Flynn, Fergal O'Brien - Bodhrans
Sharon Carroll - Harp
Brenna Byrne - Lead Vocals

Watch on YouTube