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tommakesmusic makes w3c valid website that will boost your profile!

tommakesmusic has more than twenty years of experience in creating and maintaining websites! Tom has kept up with he latest trends in web design and can create and maintain a site tailored for your needs.

"Starting in 1994, I designed my first website, trying to figure out what the brand-new world-wide web was all about! I have been running web servers since 1996 and working as a designer since 1998. I can advise what is best for your site and how to make sure the world knows you're there! Check out my examples!"

From a simple one-page site, to a site with a full CMS back end; from a basic layout to a responsive site that works on all screens and smart phones - tommakesmusic can handle it for you! Need advice on how best to get your site high up on the Google and Bing search pages? Want to simplify all your social media (facebook, twitter, blog etc.) posts? tommakesmusic can help!